You can integrate TeamGPS with your existing PSA tool to send surveys automatically as your Engineers close tickets. To integrate with Datto’s Autotask:

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings > Integrations > PSA Tool

  2. Choose Datto (Note: If any other PSA tool is already activated, then user should deactivate the activated tool first) 

  3. Click on Yes on the confirmation pop up showing for activating Datto.

  4. Now add the Site and Company ID.

  5. Now to get the Public Key and Private Key, open a new tab and login to your Datto account.

  6. Hover over the hamburger menu on the top left and then click on Admin > Resources (Users) 

  7. Now at the top, click on the drop down arrow available just right side to New tab and then select New API User.

  8. Once you navigate to a new page, add the following details:
    • First Name: Team
    • Last Name: GPS
    • Email address: Add a relevant email address
    • Security Level: Click on the drop-down menu and select API User (system)
    • Add relevant Primary Internal Location

    • Then Click both the generate buttons:

      Generate Key: Copy Username (Key) and paste it as a Public Key in TeamGPS.

      Generate Secret: Copy the Password (Key) and paste it as a Private Key in TeamGPS.

    • Integration Vendor: Click on the drop-down menu and select IT by Design (CRM)

    • Click Save & Close

  9. Then navigate back to TeamGPS > And ensure that Site, Company ID, Public Key and Private Key is added correctly > Click on Integrate. (After clicking, Datto should show as integrated)